Tasks and Functions


1. To submit to the President of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS) the strategy, master plan, 5-year and annual plans on the development of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting and organize the implementation after it is approved.

2. To research the theoretical and practical issues of Vietnam from an economic perspective; to analyze and evaluate socio-economic impacts of development policies and forecast Vietnam's socio-economic development trend.

3. To combine research with training a contingent of experts in economics, participating in undergraduate and graduate training, contributing to the development of highly qualified human resources as required by the Academy and according to proposals of other organizations at home and abroad.

4. To give comments and criticism on important socio-economic development programs and projects at the request of ministries, branches and localities as assigned by VASS.

5. To provide scientific consulting and public services suitable to the functions and duties of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting.

6. To carry out international cooperation in scientific research, training and application with organizations, agencies, research institutes, universities and scientists; organize conferences, scientific seminars in Vietnam and abroad according to the provisions of the State law and VASS.

7. To exchange scientific information with domestic and foreign organizations and agencies according to regulations; document management, library of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting; publishing scientific publications; disseminating and disseminating scientific research results and scientific knowledge according to the provisions of the State law.

8. To manage the organization, structure, employment position, public employee structure according to professional titles and number of people working in the unit; finance and assets of the Center for Analysis and Forecasting according to the regulations of the State and according to the decentralization of VASS management.

9. To perform other duties as assigned by the President of VASS.


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